Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"electric pigs" or "i'm not sure how to add videos from youtube to blogger"

so here is the link

young buck with adversarial tone talking rapidly as if he KNOWS his time is up, creating tension, erupting at mention of SKULL AND BONES in "sir you must go" and his resist, equals jolts of electricty, and the fans look on, someone said "police brutality" but for him it was just a tv show

what you think mang

if i were a cop i would not have been paying attention, john kerry is BORING


Anonymous said...

This video is lighting up the blogosphere like a California brushfire. Pretty ubiquitous news story, I'd say.

Personally, I am all for free speech - however, he was charged with disturbing the peace, and if you've ever heard John Kerry speak, it puts you to sleep. Maybe people were sleeping? In which case his incessant yelling does warrant that accusation.

But you shouldn't be tazed for being a douche. There are more coherent ways he could have presented his argument.

SnrIncognito said...

yea, i feel a little torn on this issue. on one hand, absolutely he should be allowed to say any damn thing he wants. ANYTHING. but, when the police decide/are ordered to remove someone, you don't fucking fight back. EVER. tazing is undeniably unnecessary, but they did warn him. they said "if you dont ___ we will taze you." if you keep fighting, well damn, they warned you. dont resist arrest.

this, however, is what bothers me.
police need authority, but if a police officer decides to arrest you, it's final. that sort of authority seems unreasonable in situations like this. there is no oportunity for protest. there is no recourse. you have been arrested, it's on your record, and if you give the police reason to think you're a threat, theyre justified in killing you.

thats bad...

now these officers are going to be investigated. they may be found to have exceeded their appropriate response. damn i hope so. i think that without there being a physical threat, there should be no physical harm. however, they are "justified" in using force to pacify a person who is being difficult. police have absolute authority over your body if they deem it necessary.

im sure coming at this from an ignorant standpoint means i dont know what it means to be a cop. i dont know the dangers and the potentials. but i do get scared when i think that a bad cop is protected by our desire for safety, and a well-meaning officer may taze some loudmouth student.

Fred said...

I don't believe they should have tazered him. It's hard to see what's going on in the video, but there's a point, after they're escorting him down the aisle and holding him and long before he is warned about being tazered, when he clearly says "If you let me go I will walk out of here." Now, there's always a chance he could have just been saying this to get out of the officers' grasp, but I believe they should have walked him out very closely at this point.

Also, they were stopping him from speaking in the middle of his statement. If he had finished his "question" and Kerry had then asked him to leave/be removed, that would be one thing. However, the police officers are clearly interrupting him in the middle of his statement, and as he is being dragged away Kerry says he will answer his question. (Granted this may be Kerry trying to come off as the "bigger man".)

I think its a case of very poor judgement on the officers' part. Considering they are campus police officers beyond that, they should have been better trained to diffuse exactly this sort of situation. It smacks of "rent-a-cop" undisciplined behavior, and I hope they are investigated.

crazygrampastuey said...

I think this is what happens when people stop taking things seriously - everybody else overcompensates by taking things TOO seriously.