Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sentience and Robots

So, over dinner last night Vince brought up a concept that he's planning to fill out into a concept album/EP. One which I fully support and will spend good chunks of time daydreaming about: Sentience in robots, and what that would sound like.

My post is brief because my question is thus: what are interesting nuances and themes Vince can use?

Such hits have included:

  • At what point would robots be too similar to humans?

  • Conscious "othering" of robots

  • Anthropomorphizing robots

  • What does switching on / shutting down feel like?

  • How does a robot mature? Are there noticeable changes? And would the robot be aware of this?

  • Given the sudden self-awareness of said robot, what kind of issues might it have?


Anonymous said...

i think this mp3 has most of the answers to that question

jennifer said...

we are already robots... we depend on technology for communication, expression, understanding, information, wisdom, and even love. we really don't have anything to fear, because the techonology-vs-us war is already lost.