Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Who are a couple of artists you admire and why?


crazygrampastuey said...

Bitch! I was going to post today!

The artists I'm going to use as examples are "Stephen Lynch" and Green Day.

I like Stephen Lynch, as opposed to other singing comedians, mostly because of his showmanship abilities, which I think is incredible. Although he only has three CDs out, I rarely listen to his recorded (and first) CD "A little bit special" because it sounds bland at some points. His live albums, "Superhero" and "Craig Machine," are a lot better in my opinion because of the feedback he gets from the audience and his ability to play off it. I think he's more of a performer than an artist.

I chose Green Day as another group of Artists I admire because of their "Nimrod" CD, which I constantly have in my car and never get tired of listening to. I can't say that about too many other bands. I also like that their latest album had songs that, at least as I view it, are about the war; political songs that we used to hear a lot of in the 1960s, but not so much, anymore.

Not to say that other artists don't do this. Or that these artists do not have their flaws. Stephen Lynch and Green Day are just examples of artists I admire.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My post was "James Joyce." Why? Look him up. Way too many reasons why. Ulysses is one. A book that began the Modernist movement and is still studied today, because there are new answers to the book on a seasonal basis. Now THAT is incredible.

Also: it's spelled "idolatry"